What does our warranty mean?

The warranty on all devices is for a full 12 (twelve) months. All warranty repairs undertaken by ReWare are covered under warranty and as such no costs will be incurred by the customer for any in warranty repairs completed.

When is the Warranty activated?

The warranty is activated on the day the customer purchases the ReWare certified refurbished smartphone, so you are covered from the word go!

Where can I find more details on the warranty?

For any warranty queries, the customer can contact us at 086 101 7467, and one of our agent’s will be able to assist

How is the warranty voided?

The warranty will be voided if the device is damaged. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Physical damage and/or misuse or abuse, liquid damage, repairs and/or product modifications and alterations, executed by unauthorized third parties.
  • Modifying the exterior of the device by gluing, pasting or sticking ‘decorative’ images on the device can void the warranty if they impact the interior mechanics of the device.
  • The downloading of illegal software, alteration of the IMEI number on the device, whether it has been deleted, removed or made illegible, or if the internal data of the device doesn’t comply with the proof of purchase.
  • Failing to properly follow the installation process and instructions for use, or the use of products or accessories that aren’t compatible with the device – such as generic accessories and other contaminated auxiliary devices.
  • Any blacklisted devices will not be accepted.
ReWare In-Warranty Repairs

If I need a repair in warranty where do I book my device in?

ReWare refurbished smartphones can be booked in at one of the 21 Edgars stores that carry ReWare refurbished devices. See full store list here

How to book-in a device for technical assessment and/or repair

  • Contact the ReWare customer care on 086 101 7467 where the contact centre will confirm whether the device is still under warranty and if the deemed repair falls under warranty criteria or,
  • You can go directly into one of the 21 Edgars stores that stock ReWare (see full store list here), a sales person needs to confirm warranty and repair status against the proof of purchase, and the ReWare checklist.
  • For assistance call ReWare customer care on 086 101 7467

What should I bring along when I book in my device for repairs?

Proof of warranty is the original invoice, so the customer should be advised to keep it safe

What do I need to do before booking my device in for repairs?

  • Device(s) must have all security or lock codes disabled.
  • In the case of Apple iPhones the Apple ID and iCloud must also be disabled.
  • Back up all data that is on your device

What happens to the data stored on my device?

ReWare will make every effort to secure the data, but it may not always be possible. The consumer needs to take note of the following important data related information:

  • We urge the customers to take responsibility for their own content of high business importance or of a personal nature.
  • Although every effort will be made to guard against loss of data, given the nature of often unknown, conflicting or corrupt software applications on devices, saving the data cannot be guaranteed.

For Warranty Provisions, see Terms and Conditions

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