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Our Solutions.
• Our responsibility lies in ensuring that our customers are empowered with the knowledge we provide to manage and maintain their utility requirements in the most efficient cost effective way.
• A qualified Reware Technician will do an electricity audit on your premises.
• We install a smart meter that records your actual electricity consumption.
• This data assists you in: Monitoring, verifying, and managing consumption (real time online solution with customer specific access), Utility bill comparison / verification, Maintenance & Guidance – Hardware, Assistance with value added services and energy efficiencies.
• We offer solutions across all spheres including Large Power Users, commercial as well as residential.
• Prepaid Sub-metering puts control back into the hands of the owner/body corporate.
• Our Prepaid solution enables tenants to buy electricity as they require, making utility disputes a thing of the past & whatever electricity the tenant buys during the month will be deposited back into the owner/body corporate’s account
• Buying tokens is easy, immediate and convenient.
• Ability to collect arrears via prepaid purchases.
• Easy hassle free management with no collection issues.


Hexing (HXE115-KP) is a cost effective, high quality single phase, 80 Amp prepayment meter. It is of both STS (Static Transfer Systems) and Bristish Standard Insitution (BS) standards. It has enhanced tamper protection components comprising of a clear PVC wiring cover which ensures that wiring is easy to see and inspect; a lithium-ion battery which allows always-alert tamper monitoring, and an anti-tamper sensor which locks the meter.


The Cashpower Gem Lite is a Single Phase, two wire, 80 Amp, STS keypad prepayment meter, specifically been developed to provide utilities with a quality, low cost, highly reliable STS keypad prepayment metering solution, while maintaining conformance to international standards.


The Conlog BEC23 single phase prepayment meter offers metering loads up to a maximum of 80A. The meter consists of a two-part housing, viz.a wallbase and the active meter. This configuration allows for the pre-installation of the wallbase and the ability to remove the meter for maintenance, without disconnecting the supply. It has enhanced security and protection features.


The Cashpower Three Phase prepayment electricity meter is a four wire 100 Amp per phase, split prepayment meter in a compact BS housing. The meter is suitable for residential, commercial and light industrial environments.


The Landis+Gyr S650 Smart Grid Terminal is a monitoring and control solution that ensures reliable and efficient delivery of energy in a dynamic smart grid environment through increased visibility and enhanced data management. It is a metering node with advanced communication and computing capabilities, designed to retrofit and digitize existing grid infrastructure in a cost-effective way. Combined with easy-to-install Rogowski sensors, the S650 is the ideal solution for retrofitting existing feeders or low voltage transformers without station shutdown. The terminal aggregates and transmits real-time data to multiple utility systems and can be leveraged as a communication node for local devices from other vendors.

E 650 SERIES 4

Building on its tradition of industrial meters, Landis+Gyr has developed the E650 Series 4, the latest generation of ZxD400 meters. These meters feature a new hardware platform, combining modern technology with proven functions.


E570 is a smart 4- and 3- wire transformer connected electricity meter for the new energy markets.It offers reliable performance and versatile functionality.

E570 has built-in support for multi-energy and can be equipped with communication modules, such as RS485 or 2G GSM/GPRS.

• Latest Automatic Meter reading software applications:
• Plug ‘n Play Scada – for the technical connoisseur, gives you, the customer access to a web interface, where you can interact with a Profile Graph indicating your utility usage, time-of-use, demand, revenue protection and billing all in one place.
• AMRA – Automatic Meter Reading Application – Simplified overview of the financial impact of your utility use, enabling you, the customer, to verify your actual utility bill against our check meter.
• Monitoring / Reporting – Our team of experts will monitor and assist with reporting as well as empowering our customers with the necessary skills to carry this process forward.
• Technical Expertise – Ability to assist and guide on practical solutions in order to maximize your utility efficiencies.
• ReWare certified pre-owned mobile phone division. Offering a consistent supply of high quality, good as new ReWare Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Phones with new ReWare branded accessories and a 1-year warranty at affordable prices. All ReWare devices are certified through a comprehensive 40-point diagnostic test. For more information, please contact us.
• Reware is a EMH service agent for all English-Speaking African countries. And a supplier of all MTE meter test equipment. For additional information, please visit www.emh.eu