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Utility Bill Verification: We use AMR technology to enable you to check the accuracy of your utility bills. Along with giving you peace of mind we bring
cash back into your business when you’ve been overcharged and help you provision accordingly when you are being undercharged.

Monitoring & Reporting: We provide a web based portal and a user friendly mobile app to ensure that no matter where you are you have quasi real time
visibility of your energy consumption.

World Class Service: Through highly efficient best practice field services we provide timely and accurate support to minimize downtime and costs.

  • Our fully automated and streamlined back office technology allows us to provide uninterrupted support and value.
  • We work hard to build strong relationships with our customers as we believe value is created through understanding your business and open collaboration on business objectives.


Proactive Energy Management: We work closely with relevant stakeholders to determine business outcomes and then build data driven customized solutions around those outcomes.

Savings Tips: We help management develop energy awareness campaigns and associated savings tips that are
circulated amongst your team/customers.

Alerts: Email, SMS and mobile app notifications to identify business problems as and when they happen saving you time and money.

Benchmarking: Utilising your energy usage data and our digital reporting platforms we will benchmark performance across various customizable datasets.

Environmental Impact summary: We will monitor, verify and report on the environmental costs/savings for you.


Bill clawbacks: If we identify that your utility bill is inaccurate and;

  • You have been over charged we will manage the clawback end-to-end for you.
  • You have been undercharged we will advise you on what accrued liability provisions and your options to resolve.

Utility Cost Optimization: Our engineers will ensure tariff structures support cost optimization in complex

Green Energy Consulting: We provide advisory services that address the needs of companies involved in clean energy generation.

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